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This article was taken from our January 2021 Issue Buy this issue now

January 2021 Review: Vegan Cake Bundle by Sweet Success

This month, we had the chance to try a selection of vegan products from Sweet Success. To test each product, we decided to make a small two tier naked celebration cake, decorated with quick and easy sugarpaste decorations.Buy your Sweet Success Vegan Cake here!

Vegan Cake BundleWe had a ready-made vegan 8” square cake, vegan filling cream and a vegan cake mix to work with. To begin, we took out the mix and began preparing to bake. Sweet Success has a very helpful guide on their website giving clear instructions and measurements on how much oil and water is needed based on the size and shape of the cake you’re baking. As we were baking a 6” square, we found this extremely helpful! The batter mixed together quickly and easily using the whisk attachment but could also be whisked by hand if preferred. The texture was spongy soft, the cakes baked in the recommended time for their size and we were impressed by how level each layer was after baking.

Vegan Cake BundleOnce cooled completely, we began preparing our base tier using the ready-made 8” layers. We placed one on a 12” cake card (a sugarpaste covered drum is recommended) and took out the filling cream. We really like how they are supplied in 1.25” level deep layers, giving a good ratio of cake to filling to work with. The tasty flavour and moist texture were a big plus too!

Vegan Cake Bundle

There is so much attention that goes into packaging these cakes. They’re wrapped with care in sheets of plastic with baking paper separating each layer. We really like this feature as it stops the layers sticking together. They’re also packed into a thick cardboard box labelled with the ingredients and shelf life.

Opening the filling cream, we really liked how white it appeared; this makes it perfect for creating additional colours! The texture was very light and had a wonderful subtle vanilla flavour. We mixed for a few moments using a wooden spoon then scooped into our piping bag, adding dots all over the first layer. The cream held its shape nicely and held the second layer well.

Vegan Cake Bundle

After adding a cake card and doweling the 6” tier, we began forming our sugarpaste flowers. The Sweet Silk sugarpaste had a lovely smooth texture, good flavour and worked really well with the mould! We decorated with edible paint and added a flower to the corner of each tier, supporting the top flower with additional filling cream. After a light sprinkle of pearlised sugar pearls, the cake was ready to be served!

Overall, we could not be happier with the vegan products from Sweet Success! Having the option of a ready-made cake available to purchase can be a massive time saver, and even better knowing they have a slightly longer shelf life and can be frozen to extend even more! If you prefer to bake yourself, the cake mix is also a fantastic option – it’s quick and easy to prepare, bakes beautifully and tastes great! Highly recommended!

Vegan Cake BundleBuy your Sweet Success Vegan Cake here!