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This article was taken from our January 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

January 2022 Product Review: Karen Davies Sugar Crystals Mould

This month, we had the chance to try the Sugar Crystals Mould from Karen Davies Sugarcraft!

Karen Davies Sugarcraft, led by highly respected Karen Davies, design and manufacture high-quality food grade silicone moulds that achieve professional results quickly and easily!

To test the Sugar Crystals Mould, we decided to make a one-tier wintery pink birthday cake. To begin, we took out the mould and dusted with pearl white lustre using a dry soft brush. You can also dust the mould with cornflour if preferred, but for this design, we wanted a shimmery finish.

Dusting with lustre before adding the sugarpaste allows all the details to become fully coated
before adding to the cake. We were very impressed by the detail in this mould; each individual crystal shape was clearly defined, right into each edge and corner! Next, we took a 190g portion
of Karen Davies Marshmallow Sugarpaste, kneaded in a little pink gel colour for a baby pink shade, and rolled to the size and width of the mould.

Starting from one end, we gently but firmly rolled the paste over using a small rolling pin, then
removed the excess with our fingers. Turning the mould over and peeling away the moulded paste was really easy. The Karen Davies Sugarpaste has been designed to work perfectly with these moulds!

The sugar crystals appeared beautifully defined and highlighted with pearl lustre, all prepared and ready to add to the cake. We carefully lifted the moulded band of paste and applied to our
cake, gently pressing to secure. We repeated with a smaller piece to fill the gap for a seamless finish! Next, we added bumpy snow using white paste to the top and bottom edge of the cake, brushing with edible glue. Taking a fluffy brush, we carefully applied Magic Sparkles all over the
snow for an amazing glittery effect. The 100% edible flakes reflect light brilliantly, with an almost holographic shine.

To complete the cake, we added a birthday topper, sugarpaste snowballs, sugar pearls, and
additional Magic Sparkles. Overall, we were very impressed with the Sugar Crystals Mould by
Karen Davies Sugarcraft. The details were exceptional, and worked fabulously alongside the pearl lustre.

The quality is truly outstanding and incredibly versatile! Not only is this mould ideal for use with sugarpaste, but also great for moulding cookies! Very highly recommended!