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Jbl 4408a Monitor Review

Jbl 4408a Monitor Review

I’d like to review today the 4400 series from Jbl Professional. These are studio monitors used by professionals and are a popular choice with professional music producers as well as movie soundtrack recording and television soundtracks. The reason most producers give for recommending JBL is the superior sound quality and reproduction. It’s pretty much but not totally agreed upon that JBL monitors lead the way as far as innovation goes and they offer a wide variety of products so it’s really no surprise that JBL stands at the top of a very competitive field.

In particular I would like to focus on the JBL 4408a Studio Monitor. These speakers are specially crafted with extra attention being paid to technical specs and consumer feedback resulting in an outstanding quality of sound and reliability. As you may have heard before with JBL what you hear is what you get. The JBL 4408a is a popular choice among smaller or home recording studios and or broadcast control rooms. The 4408a handles distortion famously as well as frequency responses and polar response with renown precision. The 4408a has an eight inch woofer and a power rating of one hundred watts. With an eight inch titanium tweeter and a two way monitor you don’t have to worry about any dips in audio levels in its acoustic output.

How does JBL achieve such superior sound and handling of problematic audio fluctuations? For one thing they have designed transducers to facilitate optimum performance of their studio monitors such as the jbl 4408a which happens to be the latest addition to my ‘collection.’ They use technology called SFG which stands for symmetrical field geometry. These magnet structures cut down the irritating distortion which gives you a clean sound in the bass end as well as the lower mid range. The upper end is controlled by the titanium tweeters which, when you put it all together results in a studio worthy piece of equipment.

As you can Check our website tell I love JBL and in particular the JBL 4408a as this is my new favorite toy. I’m a harsh critic of audio equipment so don’t take this positive review lightly as it was well earned. I love the hay day hack android power response and balanced energy output (on and off axis) and the low frequency transducers that give these monitors a super crisp studio worthy sound. It also has excellent left and right imaging via the titanium tweeters which help achieve a mirror imaged pair.

All in all after years in the studio (off and on) I have settled on JBL as my preferred audio equipment because of the response and quality of sound. There are other good monitors out there and I’ve used many of them in my studio and others but I have finally settled on JBL. I think it’s the titanium speakers and the magnetic transducers that put this one over the top for me. I love clean low end and that is share our website hard to come by. This is my opinion for what it’s worth and I hope you found this review helpful.