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July 2017 Product Review: Ornate Pearl Effect Mould from Karen Davies

Create effective and incredibly stunning pearl effect cakes using the Ornate Pearl Effect mould by Karen Davies.

This was a fantastic product to work with. Not only is this mould amazingly detailed, but  also very simple to use and the results on the cake were equally impressive! We really liked how quick it was to accomplish a lovely ornate style in such a short space of time. The mould is made from food grade silicone and is large enough to wrap halfway around an 8” cake.

The mould was provided with clear instructions on how to achieve the best results.

We began by mixing equal amounts of white gum paste with fondant and then dusted the mould with cornflour, tapping out the excess. Next, we cut out a long rectangle and began pushing the paste into the mould, starting with the corners and working our way along.

Once the mould was filled completely, we cut away the excess and carefully removed the paste to reveal a lovely detailed shape. We brushed our fondant covered cake with water and applied the moulded pearl effect. Having used half fondant/half gum paste really helped the paste hold its shape.

Another great feature of this product are the curves at each end of the mould, this meant we could join the next panel perfectly, creating a professional continuous effect.

Overall, you couldn’t ask for a more successful, time saving method of producing stunning pearl effect cakes. Not only does this look great with a pearl lustre, but we’re sure this would look equally as impressive in any colour or metallic shade.