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July 2019 Product Review: Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals

This month, we had the chance to try the fantastic Sugar Crystals by Rainbow Dust.

Sugar Crystals are a 100% edible sprinkle. Although amazing for coating cakes and decorating cupcakes and cookies, we decided to try something slightly different. We used them to create texture for a blue alpaca cake topper! We were really impressed with the results.


To begin, we took a portion of baby blue modelling paste and shaped into a rounded L shape to form the body and neck, adding four smaller pieces of blue for each leg. Next, using white paste, we added a bean shape for the eye area and a rounded piece for the mouth, finishing with a few detail lines and two black dragees for eyes.

To make sure we wouldn’t waste any of the Sugar Crystals, we made a shallow dish using aluminium foil and placed our cake topper in the centre. To ensure the crystals would stick, we brushed all blue areas of the alpaca with clear piping gel, making sure not to go over the face or feet.

We really liked how the Sugar Crystal pots have two easy open cap options – one side for sprinkling, ideal for cupcakes, and the other side for light pouring, ideal for cookies and full edible decorations.

To create the texture for our alpaca, we carefully poured Baby Blue Sugar Crystals all over the head and body, using a dry flat brush to gently press a bit further into the piping gel to secure.

To complete the cake topper, we added two ears using more blue paste, lightly shaded the face using blue powder colour and added two tiny eyebrows using a Rainbow Dust Black Food Art Pen. We were so happy with how this turned out, we couldn’t stop thinking about how many other animals we could make! Perhaps Pearlescent White for a sheep, Black for a panda, Pearlescent Green for the texture of a lizard or even an alpaca with rainbow fur!


We absolutely love how versatile Sugar Crystals are. They can be used to cover cakes to generate a beautiful jewelled finish, as regular sprinkles for cupcakes and cookies, as a coating for cake pops or as an alternative way to add texture to cake toppers. You can even mix colours together to create a completely different look for your designs!


Overall, we were really impressed with Sugar Crystals by Rainbow Dust, they’re a great way to add additional detail for a professional finish! The range of colours available produces endless possibilities for all of your creations, they’re super easy to use and 100% edible! Very highly recommended!