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This article was taken from our July 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

July 2022 Product Review: Jungle Animal Faces – Karen Davies Sugarcraft


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This month, we had the chance to try the new Jungle Animal Faces mould set from Karen Davies Sugarcraft.

Creating cute cakes, cupcakes and cookies has never been easier! This full set of five moulds includes an adorable lion, elephant, giraffe, hippo and monkey – ideal for birthdays, baby showers and more. To test out the moulds, we decided to make a small collection of party cupcakes.

To begin, we dusted each mould with cornflour and tapped out the excess. Taking small portions of white Karen Davies Sugarpaste, we gently pushed into the moulds using our thumbs to work to the edges. After carefully turning each mould over and peeling away the paste, we were so
impressed to see the clearly defined and super sweet jungle animal faces! Plus, they’re just the right size and depth for the top of a standard cupcake.

The Karen Davies Sugarpaste is perfect for working with the moulds. It has a lovely smooth texture, great flavour, and it’s non-sticky, making it incredibly easy to use! Being a pliable paste also makes it exemplary for covering cakes and modelling figurines.

To decorate the animal faces, we used a selection of edible paints, but for a quicker alternative, you could also use pre-coloured sugarpaste and fill in each section of the mould with different colours to form the complete faces.

To finish, we added a light dusting of edible gold glitter. Then we added an animal face to the top of each cupcake, securing with buttercream.

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with the Jungle Animal Faces moulds from Karen Davies
Sugarcraft. They’re high quality, ultrasimple to work with, extremely versatile, and can also be used to mould flower paste, marzipan, chocolate, boiled sugar and more. Highly recommended!

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