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June 2015 Issue OUT NOW

Welcome to the June issue of Cake Masters Magazine.

I have been looking forward to this issue ALL YEAR. It is the issue where you can get really creative and make a cake that is anything but round or square. Granted they all start life that shape, but this issue is all about transforming them into amazing novelty cakes!

I must start by saying how excited I am to interview Karen Portaleo – the most requested interview and cake hero to the masses. Karen has a conversation with us about her cake world and shares with us a fabulous insight into her work and thoughts on everything cake.

Karen also shares with us the horrors of her first ever order and goes on to give us top tips to help you create amazing cakes.

Tutorial wise, we have some great projects for you to have a go at. Suitable for all skill ranges, we have a cute octopus cake tutorial from Alina at Dolce-Arte and a beautiful beehive from Lisa at Sweet Disposition Cakes.

Lisa shows us how to give your fondant great texture and colour which you must try!

My favourite two tutorials are the slightly more challenging ones. A hanging – yes a HANGING – birdcage cake from Dawn Bulter, the inventor behind CakeFrame. Dawn takes us through this project step by step, showing us some great tips and how easy it is to use CakeFrame!

The last tutorial is a fabulous car cake from Les Gâteaux de Gilles. Now, I have a thing for car cakes, and Gilles was our man to show us that with the right tools and research, you can make an amazing 3D novelty car cake.

Right through from stacking, filling, carving to detailing, Gilles passes on some really helpful tips.

We have a great article on copyright for cake decorators. We let you know what you need to consider, and have insights from two brilliant cake artists. Both have been commissioned to make licensed cakes by companies that own copyright, and we find out about their experiences.

A new feature we have in the magazine is our Out & About pages, covering a few recent and upcoming cake events. With so many people catching the cake decorating bug, if you have any events, please let us know, we would love to spread the word!

Lastly, I must mention the rather special Cinderella afternoon tea at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower in London.

A must have for anyone planning a trip into London!

I hope you enjoy this issue.


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