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June 2019 Product Review: FullFill Gels by Fractal Colors

FullFill Gels by Fractal Colors

This month, we had the chance to try Fractal Colors FullFill Gels!

To test the colours, we decided to make an aged rainbow teddy bear cake topper.

To begin, we took 360g of modelling paste and divided into eight pieces roughly the right amount for each section of the bear. We then took the Fractal FullFill Gels in Lemon Yellow, Vivid Green, Turquoise, Orange, Orchid Purple and Pink, added small amounts to each portion and kneaded the paste well to blend the colours. We really liked how easily the colours mixed into the paste to create some nice shades for our bear. After colouring each piece, we pinched off a small ball of yellow for the muzzle and an even smaller piece of purple for the nose and eyes.

Next, we assembled our bear using edible glue, inserting a piece of raw spaghetti through the centre of the body to keep the head secure. For extra detail, we added some creases using a dresden tool and stitch marks using a stitch wheel.

For the faint watercolour effect on our bear, we added a small dot of each gel into separate sections of a paint palette, adding enough cake decorators’ alcohol to form a thin liquid paint. When painting, we dotted the brush all over each part of the bear using different colours to create an aged watercolour texture, with slightly more colour to the seams and creases. We were really impressed with how vibrant the gels worked as paints; a little goes a long way!

After allowing the paint to dry completely, we dusted the seams and creases very lightly using an edible black petal dust to enhance the aged effect, finishing with a gold lustre for the detail.

Even though we added an aged effect to this bear, the colours still appeared bold through the shading which we were super happy with!

Overall, we really enjoyed working with Fractal FullFill Gels. Not only are they available in a fantastic variety of shades great for fondant, marzipan, royal icing and more, but they also work brilliantly as striking edible paints when mixed with clear cake decorators’ alcohol. They’re mess-free, easy to use and open up endless possibilities for all of your edible creations!

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