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This article was taken from our June 2020 Issue Buy this issue now

June 2020 Review: Postable Cake Boxes from The Cake Decorating Company

This month, we had the chance to try Postable Cake Boxes from The Cake Decorating Company!

Postable cake boxes - two sizes

If you have always wanted to send cake to friends and family just a bit too far away, now you can! The boxes allow you to send cakes anywhere in the country without the worry of being squashed or damaged. They have been put through their paces and proved to work brilliantly, but it’s recommended to clearly label the box as ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘THIS WAY UP’ to ensure careful handling by your courier to help avoid damage.

Open here/This way up example of postable cake boxes

Once our cake had fully cooled, it was wrapped in cling film (as it didn’t have a layer of fondant to keep in freshness) and set aside whilst we assembled the box.

Clingfilmed cake ready to be packaged

Each box is quick and easy to assemble and comes flat in six separate components made from robust cardboard in various thicknesses depending on the component: an inner box, inner box insert, inner lid, outer box, outer box insert and cake collar. Boxes are suitable for 7”, 9” and 12” round cakes up to 3” high on a board 1” wider than the cake. They are also great for storing cakes or as a secure way to transport during delivery.


Outer shot of postable cake box

We started by folding the outer insert into place. This piece is to keep the inner box from sliding around during delivery. Next, we folded and slot together the inner box insert which will hold the cake in place. We carefully wrapped the cake collar around the cake securing with a piece of tape and added the inner box insert over the top. After folding and securing the inner box, we gently slid the inner box insert, with the cake inside, into the inner box and closed the lid. The lid felt sturdy and had a tight fit. To bring everything together, we added the inner box to the outer insert and delicately lifted into the big outer box. For even more stability, an inner lid is included and placed on top of the closed inner box before sealing the outer box ready for posting.

Postable box with lid

The Cake Decorating Company also have postable cupcake boxes available, ideal for sending a little gift to someone. These boxes are also sold flat, in a single component, and are just as quick and easy to assemble. Each is provided with a plastic dome to help keep contents protected during delivery.

Overall, we were very impressed with the stability of both postable boxes. They are a fantastic way to safely transport cakes and cupcakes to loved ones or customers who are a little too far to travel by car. They’re strong, simple to assemble and a perfect way to help brighten someone’s day! Highly recommended!