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This article was taken from our February 2017 Issue

Free Lilium Cookies Tutorial

Evelin Milanesi, from Evelindecora, created these beautiful Lilium flower cookies using easy piping and shading techniques.

Lillium Tutorial Cake Masters Magazine

Equipment Required

  • Dark gold metallic food paint
  • Soft gel colours: Orange and Avocado
  • Petal dust: Red Poppy and Nutkin Brown
  • Coffee edible marker pen
  • No.2 round tip paintbrush
  • Stencil paintbrush
  • Star shaped cookie
  • 2 x piping bags
  • Nozzles: no.1 and no.3

Royal Icing:

  • 200g orange – flood consistency (nozzle 3)
  • 15g white – stiff consistency (nozzle 1)

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Lilium Cookies

Mark a dot in the middle of the cookie with the edible marker.


Lilium Cookies

Draw a petal, keeping a little bit of space on the border.


Lilium Cookies

Draw all the petals in the same way.


Lilium Cookies

Using orange royal icing, pipe an outline on the petal.


Lilium Cookies

Flood the entire petal with the icing. Pipe two more petals, then let the icing dry for 20 minutes. Pipe the leftover petals and allow the icing to dry for a few hours.


Lilium Cookies

For the Pistils: On a sheet of acetate or greaseproof paper, pipe a tiny irregular line. Pipe another line beside it. When dry, paint with the dark gold.


Lilium Cookies

Pipe six pistils for each cookie.


Lilium Cookies

Using a dry stencil paintbrush, paint the centre of the petals with the brown dust colour.


Lilium Cookies

Paint all the tips of the petals.


Lilium Cookies

Using brush no.2, paint blended lines in the middle of each petal, starting from the centre of the flower. Continue to paint all the petals.


Lilium Cookies

Repeat the same process with the dark gold paint.


Lilium Cookies

For the Lilium: Using white royal icing with the no.1 nozzle, pipe a line. It will be the first style. Pipe five other styles and a few shorter lines in the middle. Allow to dry for a few minutes.


Lilium Cookies

Add a small amount of water to the light green gel colour and paint the first style with a no.2 paintbrush.


Lilium Cookies

Paint the remainder of the lines, taking care not to damage them.


Lilium Cookies

Pipe a dot of white royal icing on the tip of the line and stick a pistil on it.


Lilium Cookies

Stick all the pistils, then add a few more white dots in the middle. To finish, paint all the white dots with the dark gold.