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Little Piggy Modelling Tutorial

Learn to make a cute little piggy model with this step-by-step guide. Created for the September 2016 issue by Hayley Lankston, Dollybird Bakes with Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing, this is just a small section of the brilliant Farmyard Cake Tutorial!

Take 20g of Pink Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing and treat it with CMC. Roll a ball and set aside. Make two little triangle shapes for the ears and roll two little balls for the feet. Roll a little thin piece of paste and twist into spiral for the tail. Take a small amount of paste and shape into a flatter snout shape as shown. Cut two white 5mm circles for the eyes.

Apply the eyes and snout as shown and add the detail with a ball tool.

Use a black edible pen for the eye detail. Take the cocktail stick and add the expression lines to the sides of the eyes – a V shape on its side again. Attach the ears with a little glue. Add a smile with the end of a piping nozzle, using a cocktail stick at the ends of the smile to define it.

Glue the tail in place and add the feet to the front of the pig as shown. Set aside to dry. I have made another little piglet in the same method as the larger pig, just scaled down.

Find out how to decorate the whole cake, including making the farm shed, all the animal models and the finishing touches, in our September issue!

Get the full project in our September issue!

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