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This article was taken from our March 2021 Issue Buy this issue now

Mar 2021 Review: Suzanne Esper Professional Flower Paste

This month we had the chance to try the new Professional Flower Paste by Suzanne Esper from Cake Stuff!

Suzanne has created thousands of sugar flowers over the years and has always dreamed of producing her own paste to work with! Using her experience, she has managed to create a professional standard flower paste good enough to meet her own demanding standards so you too can make the very highest quality sugar flowers.

To test the paste, we decided to make a large lilac sugar rose.

Product Review: Suzanne Esper Professional Flower Paste

To begin, we took a small portion of the white paste and kneaded with a little violet gel colour until fully combined. We really like how soft and easy the paste was to work with, the texture was smooth and the colour blended in really nicely. We would recommend adding a little vegetable shortening to your hands before kneading to avoid any paste sticking to your hands if preferred.

Rolling out the paste we were really impressed with how thin it could be without tearing, an excellent and must feature for any flower paste to have! The petals could be thinned even further with a ball tool and slightly manipulated even after they had just started to dry.

Product Review: Suzanne Esper Professional Flower Paste

After arranging the petals around the central bud with a little water, adjusting with a dry paintbrush and repeating again with another larger set of petals, we allowed to dry completely on a ring of kitchen paper on top of a cornflour dusted surface. We really liked how easy each petal was to handle, the paste begins to set just enough for you to easily work with each shape with minimal risk of mis-shaping.

Product Review: Suzanne Esper Professional Flower Paste

The rose had set hard the next day and had a perfect satin matt finish for adding additional colour. To add shading, we used a combination of a lavender and strawberry petal dust and applied using a soft brush to complete the flower.

Product Review: Suzanne Esper Professional Flower Paste

Overall, we could not be more impressed with the Professional Flower Paste by Suzanne Esper. It’s easy to use, colours well, sets just enough as you’re working for easy handling, great for smaller shaped elements such as buds and berries, helps to produce beautiful sugar flowers, is available in two different sized resealable packs (200g and 1kg) and even has a QR code on the back of the pack for you to scan to enjoy one of Suzanne’s tutorials completely free! – Highly recommended!


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