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This article was taken from our March 2020 Issue Buy this issue now

March 2020 Product Review: Satin Ice Icing Mix & Fondant

This month, we had the chance to try some fabulous products from Satin Ice – the new Buttercream Icing Mix and Shimmer Fondant. To test these products, we decided to make a small 6” party cake.

Shop Doric Cake CraftsTo begin, we took out the Buttercream Icing Mix and placed into a mixing bowl with the amount of butter required. We really liked how the buttercream mix has a soft dough base; there weren’t any messy powders or clouds of icing sugar in the air at all! In the stand mixer, both the icing mix and butter blended together flawlessly and were white in colour, ideal for adding any additional gel colours to suit different designs!

Buttercream Icing Mix in mixing bowl

Once mixed together, as instructed, we added a little water and mixed again. The consistency was fantastic! Perfect for filling and crumb coating cakes, it had a lovely smooth texture and flavour!

Adding buttercream with a palette knife

We levelled and split our cake into three layers and began adding buttercream with a palette knife. The buttercream was stable, held each layer nicely and was very easy to work with. Crumb coating the cake was just as simple! The silky texture glided around the cake with ease in no time.

We really like how Satin Ice provides clear tips and instructions on the tub of how to make the most of the Buttercream Icing Mix. There is a quick guide on how to create different consistencies such as firm, softer and extra buttery. They also include how to use the mix to create a completely vegan friendly buttercream alternative.

After allowing the cake to sit for a short time, we took out Satin Ice White Fondant and kneaded well. After rolling out to around 2.5mm, we covered the cake smoothing down the sides with our hands and fondant smoothers. The fondant covered the cake beautifully without any tearing. We really like how Satin Ice has a more elastic consistency making it great for covering taller cakes.

Fondant circles were added

Next, we took out Pearl Shimmer Fondant and rolled out very thin, cut a few circles using a piping tip and applied with a little water to the side of the cake. We added a few ivory pearls between each shape. We love the shimmery appearance of the fondant and knowing it’s made with 100% edible glitter is even more impressive and reassuring!

We added a bow using Gold Shimmer Fondant

To complete the cake, we added a bow using Gold Shimmer Fondant. Whilst forming the bow, we couldn’t help but notice how bold and glittery this shade was. The colour was very distinct and the edible glitter incorporated into the fondant made the bow look like it was made of real satin ribbon!

It looks like a real Satin ribbon!

Overall, we were very impressed with the quality of both products this month. The Buttercream Icing Mix was quick and easy to use, mess-free and made the perfect amount for the size of our cake, with some left over. It’s ideal for filling, crumb coating, piping, flowers and more! The base mix is also dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free! All Satin Ice Fondants have a lovely smooth texture and subtle vanilla flavour – and now available in completely edible shimmer shades! Highly recommended!Shop Doric Cake Crafts