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This article was taken from our March 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

March 2022 Product Review: Fractal Colors Brush Pens and Food Colouring

This month, we had the chance to try FlowAir Liquid Food Colourings, and Calligra Food Brush Pens from Fractal Colors.

To test them out, we decided to make a small collection of tie-dye party cupcakes.

To begin, we cut out six circles from white sugarpaste, then allowed to dry for a couple of days to give us a firmer surface to work on. After they’d had time to dry, we drew on our designs using the Calligra Food Brush Pens. These were super simple to use, working exactly like regular marker pens!

Starting with the Black pen, we wrote on phrases, and drew party hat, balloon, and cupcake outlines. We really like how the pens let you draw both thick and thin lines using the same tip. More pressure allows for a thicker more calligraphy-style line, and the tip allows you to draw extremely thin lines for finer details.

Using the Rose, Lemon Yellow, and Sky Blue pens, we coloured in our party hat quickly and easily, repeating with Red for the balloon, and more Rose and Lemon Yellow for the cupcake. We also added tiny lines to the candle using Sky Blue.

After piping a flat swirl of buttercream on the top of each cupcake, next we prepared our airbrush with Sky Blue FlowAir Liquid Food Coloring.

We were really impressed with the bottle design; a very secure cap can only be opened by pushing down and twisting (similar to medicine bottles), minimising risk of spillage. The bottles also have a precise spout, so colours can be added drop by drop.

Starting with Sky Blue, we gently built up a section of colour to begin our tie-dye effect. Next, we added Lemon Yellow, blending into one edge of the Sky Blue to form light green, then added Orange, and finished with Rose. Once they’ve have had a little time to dry, you can repeat to strengthen colours if needed.

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with these products from Fractal Colors. The Food Brush Pens are incredibly easy to use, very effective, and would also be great for children to get involved with. The FlowAir Liquid Food Colorings are a brilliant range, with vibrant shades in a mess-free bottle. They’re ideal for use on buttercream, fondant, and flower paste, helping to create amazing results! Highly recommended!