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Marie Antoinette and her Greedy Dog Modelling Tutorial

Silvia Mancini from Silvia Mancini Cake Art is world-renowned for her cake modelling skills, and with good reason, she can create detailed figures with enough expression and depth that its no wonder she was awarded the Cake Masters Magazine Modelling Excellence Award 2015. Her designs are easily recognised thanks to their unique and irreverent style, her artistry is skilled and unquestioned, she organises training courses around the world and participates in cake decorating events and consults with lead designers at ice cream salons and patisseries in her home country of Italy.

Here she walks us through the method to create this wonderful Marie Antoinette and Greedy Dog cake, which uses her humour and style is such a recognisable manner. She explains the steps needed to recreate her princess and pooch in easy to follow 9 page tutorial with over 112 photo steps!

Get this tutorial in the February 2016 Cake Masters Magazine NOW!

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Step 27

Step 31b