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May 2017 Product Review: Hippo & Giraffe Cutters by FMM

FMM have recently introduced two brand new cutters, Mummy and Baby Giraffe, and the Hippopotamus set. Animal themes are a very popular choice for children’s cakes at the moment and not only do these designs look lovely on the side of a baby’s birthday cake, but are also suitable for 2D cupcake toppers and cookie designs. Both boxes conveniently include two different sizes made from high quality food grade plastic with a sharp but smooth edge. We decided to try these cutters for two gift sized mini cakes.

The first thing we noticed when using these cutters was the simplicity of the shapes and the convenience of having two different sizes to use. They felt very comfortable to use and have a nice high quality and strong feel to the plastic. They in no way feel flimsy or easily breakable.

Both boxes include detailed instructions on how to get the best results when using the cutters. They mention using modelling paste for the best results; we tried this and it worked really well, resulting in a perfect shape with a lovely clean edge. The results were equally as impressive with sugarpaste but were easier to handle when using the modelling paste.

We decided to try making a 3D standing hippo for the top of our smallest mini cake. We cut out the shapes and left them to dry on a dusted surface. As we used modelling paste, the shapes began to dry quite quickly so we were able to begin adding details such as the teeth, eyes etc using an edible marker pen and dusting colours. After assembling the two shapes together with water and allowing a few minutes for them to stick, we applied small hidden pieces of sugarpaste behind the feet and stood up the hippo as directed on the box.

Overall, you couldn’t ask for a more ideal, more convenient set of cutters which are not only great for children’s cakes or baby showers, but they’re also a fantastic high quality, reliable product which gives great results every time.