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May 2018 Product Review: Rolkem Metallic Lustre from Cake Stuff

This month, we had the chance to try the Special Rose Gold metallic lustre by Rolkem. A great product to work with and 100% edible!

Rolkem dusts are made in South Africa using the finest concentrated food colourings and natural pigments. They are available in hundreds of colours which can be used either on their own or blended together to create an infinite palette of shades.

For our cupcakes, we decided to try mixing some of the Special Rose Gold with a few drops of rejuvenator spirit/fluid to create an edible paint. The pigment was strong and had a lovely metallic shine.

We opted to emboss the fondant for our cupcakes to see just how well the edible paint highlighted details – and we were not disappointed! Each detail was still very defined after painting and still had a nice shine even after they had dried.

As Rolkem edible lustres can also be used as a dry powder, we tested the coverage on a bar of milk chocolate. We used a dry soft brush and began buffing the lustre all over the surface. In no time at all, the chocolate was completely transformed. 

With the wide range of edible lustres available from Rolkem, just imagine how impressed your customers would be…

For our larger cake, we used another small amount of the Special Rose Gold mixed with rejuvenator spirit/fluid to create an edible paint. Using the side of our brush, we carefully highlighted just the edges of the moulded fondant to create a metallic bas-relief effect.

We then painted the topof the cake and allowed to dry completely.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with this product. The coverage is fantastic not only as a dry lustre on chocolate and fondant, but also as an edible paint when mixed with rejuvenator spirit. The colour is bold, on-trend and 100% edible, giving you the confidence to paint, dust and highlight all edible elements of your creations.