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May 2019 Product Review: Doric Cake Crafts FunCakes Deco Melts & FunColours

This month, we had the chance to try two fantastic products from Doric Cake Crafts – Deco Melts and FunColours by FunCakes!


To test both products, we decided to make a batch of rainbow chocolate shard cupcakes. To begin, we prepared a regular Victoria sponge cake mix and divided equally into four bowls. Next, we took out the FunColours by FunCakes and selected four from the eight edible colours available to add to our batter. We chose Yellow, Bright Green, Pink and Aqua. The box also contained White Snow, Red, Purple and Black, all of which have a mess free easy dose cap and bake stable food gels up to 200oC.

We added just a few drops of gel into each bowl and stirred to combine. The colours were vibrant and blended into the mix very well! Next, we spooned small amounts of each colour randomly into the cupcake liners and baked in the oven. After baking and cooling, we cut one of the cupcakes in half – we were very impressed to see still how bold the colours were after baking!

To make the chocolate shards, we took a 250g pack of the Deco Melts and added to a microwave safe bowl. After a few bursts in the microwave, we poured the melts onto a lined baking tray and dotted over a few drops of the FunColours food gels, using the same colours as for the cake batter.

We marbled together and added some rainbow sprinkles for decoration. After around 15 minutes in the fridge, the Deco Melts had completely set allowing us to break apart to form the chocolate shards.

After mixing up our buttercream, we added some Aqua food gel to create a lovely vibrant shade. We piped a swirl on each cupcake and added our chocolate shards with additional rainbow sprinkles to finish.

Overall, we were very impressed with both products. Deco Melts by FunCakes are ideal for many styles of decorating, dipping for cake pops, drizzle for desserts or cookies, trendy drip cakes and more! They can also be easily melted in the microwave and have a lovely creamy white chocolate flavour! FunColours are great for adding striking colours to your cake batter, buttercream, chocolate, fondant, marzipan and more! Using just a few drops of the concentrated edible gels allows you to create bright and bold shades to help make some really eye-catching designs. Both highly recommended!