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This article was taken from our May 2020 Issue Buy this issue now

May 2020 Product Review: Karen Davies Sugarcraft Trailing Leaves Moulds

This month, we had the chance to try the brand new Trailing Leaves Mould by Karen Davies.

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Adding various styles of realistic leaves to your creations has never been easier!

Trailing Leaves Mould by Karen Daves

To test the mould, we decided to make a two tier garden party cake using 4” and 6” rounds.

To begin, we dusted the mould with cornflour, tapped out excess and carefully began working a small piece of green paste up the mould using our thumbs and fingers. If you notice the paste become sticky when pressing, just lightly dust your fingers with cornflour and continue. We were really impressed with the quality and realistic style; when removing the paste, the details were very distinct and beautifully presented!

Green paste in the mould

After removing each piece, we carefully transferred to a square of kitchen paper and dusted with shades of green powder colour to enhance the realism. This mould is an amazing time saver – there wasn’t any need to roll out, cut, vein and dust individual leaves and then wire together, we just pressed into the mould, removed, dusted and added straight to the cake in no time at all!

Green dusts

When adding the larger moulded leaves to the top of the cake, we added a small wedge of paste behind the top leaf. This helped support it above the edge of the top tier and also saved time having to wait for each piece to dry before applying to the cake. It’s best for the wedge to be the same colour as the cake to disguise slightly. You can also use this method between tiers to fill empty space.

Green paste leaves from the mould

Another fantastic feature is the ability to use single elements of each main shape to create individual leaves to either fill smaller areas or as cupcake or cookie decorations! After adding all the moulded leaves to our cake using edible glue, we formed the small pink and yellow flowers and finished with painted edible gold centres.

Individual Leaves

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with the Trailing Leaves Mould by Karen Davies. As always, the quality is exceptional and not only with the product itself but also the professional results. It’s quick and easy to use, reliable, multi-use and has endless possibilities! Very highly recommended!

Professional results from the Trailing Leaf Mould

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