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NEW Deals 2022

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Make sprinkle magic! Save 20% at with the code sweetcake20! As the original artisan sprinkle company, blazing a sprinkly trail is our mission, but there is so much more to our products than innovative colours and shapes. We work exclusively with gold-standard confectionery manufacturers in Canada, United States and Europe, creating custom sprinkles that make our hearts sing, and then we design, create and package all of our Sprinkle Medleys in house with love and care by The Sprinkle Squad.

20% off with the code: sweetcake20

Save 15% on NEW PinchPro™ Pearl molds

The new PinchPro™ Pearl molds from Marvelous Molds offer an innovative way to effectively get a string of pearls with whole pearls! This product captures 88% of the entire pearl. Conventional pearl molds only give you 65% of the whole pearl, resulting in a flat cabochon look that leaves you wanting more. Available in 6 different sizes these strands can be handled without falling apart so that you can lift, drape and arrange them on your cake. Shop the collection here:…/pinchpro…/pinchpro-pearls/

Exclusive savings for Cake Masters CODE:  MarvelousCakeMasters – Save 15% on your order of regular priced items, valid through June 30th 2022

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A masterclass in creating and colouring sugar roses and the art of pricing sugar flowers.

In this course I take you through all the foundations of sugar rose making including how to make two different sizes of roses, calyx and leaves. As well as the foundation skills and techniques of petal dusting

Then on to the petal dusting projects! We’ll be creating 5 different rose variations using petal dusts including a Cappuccino Rose, Ocean Song Rose, Amnesia Rose, Earl Grey Rose and Memory Lane Rose.

Then finally, you’ll work through a step by step system to work out a price for each and every sugar flower you make. We will cover everything from calculating overheads, working out your hourly wage to adding a profit margin and calculating a retail price. So that you’ll feel confident in charging for your work.

You can use the code CAKEMASTERS to get 25% off the price of the course.

(VALID throughout 2022)

25% off with the code: cakemasters


As a Cake Masters Magazine subscriber exclusive, you can get 10% OFF the Sweet Botany book by Julia Fedorova!

Sweet Botany is the ultimate sugar flower guide for beginners AND professionals in sugarcraft. It features 20 step-by-step sugar flower tutorials with more than 500 pictures, 11 fully described flower arrangements and cake designs, expert advice on basic skills, and an explanation of the tools and materials needed. This book offers cake decorators and hobby crafters all the information they need to enjoy incredible sugar flowers results, at home.

Use the code: cake10

Valid until 11th November 2022!

code: cake10