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November 2018 Product Review: dragéekíss® pearl applicator

This month, we had the chance to try the dragéekíss® pearl applicator! The dragéekíss® is a new cake decorating tool which allows you to quickly and easily apply sugar pearls to all of your edible creations including cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more!

The first thing we noticed was the resealable, reusable, easy to open packaging. Storing the dragéekíss® in its original packaging not only reduces waste but also keeps it clean and protected.

We were very impressed with the quality of the dragéekíss®; it felt sturdy, was comfortable to hold and even has the ability to be taken apart for easy cleaning.

We decided to test out the dragéekíss® on a small Christmas cake. We began with covering our cake in white sugarpaste, detailing the top and bottom edges with a wavy snow effect. Whilst the sugarpaste was still soft, we took a small ball tool and began marking our design to give us a clear idea of where to apply the dragees (this part is optional but recommended by dragéekíss®).

Next, we took a small paintbrush and applied a very small amount of water into each impression and began to fill our dragéekíss® with edible pearls, closing the secure cap before starting to apply.

Holding the applicator in one hand, we began applying the dragees into the previously made impressions. We were very pleased with how quick and easy it was to apply each individual pearl with full control. The pearls didn’t fall out or make a mess. It was also very simple to change colours and continue working effortlessly. The dragéekíss® helped apply sugar pearls to our cake in hardly no time at all! Just imagine how long it would take to apply each one by hand! Possibly hours!

To complete our design, we painted our baubles using a mixture of edible petal dust and clear food grade alcohol. We then added small moulded bows which were also painted, this time with an edible gold paint.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the dragéekíss®. Not only does this tool make decorating with sugar pearls super fast, but the quality, ease of use and effectiveness are also equally as impressive.

If you’re looking for a quick and reliable way to apply sugar pearls, then the dragéekíss® is exactly what you need. Highly recommended!

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