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This article was taken from our November 2021 Issue Buy this issue now

November 2021 Product Review: Yeners Pastillage

This month, we had the chance to try Yeners Pastillage! Pastillage is a hard-drying sugarpaste used for making
strong edible structures, decorations, and centrepieces.

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Mix the Yeners Pastillage powder with water!

Yeners Pastillage is sold as a powder mix, and with just a little water, you have ready-to-use white pastillage
for your cake decorating needs! To test this, we decided to make a miniature 3D Christmas tree, ideal as a small centrepiece or removable cake topper. To begin, we tipped the 450g powder mix into a mixing bowl and added 60ml of water, stirring with a silicone spatula until almost fully combined. At first, the mix can appear crumbly, but after a couple of minutes of kneading, the mix formed into a smooth workable paste.

We were really impressed with how quick and simple the pastillage was to prepare!

We were really impressed with how quick and simple the pastillage was to prepare! Pastillage can start to dry
out fairly quickly, so it’s best to keep any paste in a sealed bag until ready to use. Next, we took a small portion
of the paste and rolled out a thick round disc for the base of our tree, then set aside. Taking the remaining
portion of pastillage, we pinched off a small ball and sealed to use for the base and star later.

Pastillage Christmas tree

Next, we added green gel colour to the larger portion for the tree. As there’s no fat content in the pastillage mix, you can easily use water-based gel and paste colourings to create any shade you need. After cutting out the tree shapes, along with the central slots, we set everything on a cornflour dusted mat to dry completely for a couple
of days, carefully flipping the shapes over after 24 hours.

Green lustre paint on Pastillage

Once dried, they were incredibly sturdy and easy to handle. To complete the tree shapes, we pressed green lustre paint over the surface of the pastillage using a painting sponge, then sprinkled over edible glitter squares, adding some to the base too. We allowed to dry for a few minutes before assembling. Carefully taking each part of the tree,
we slotted them together and set aside whilst we added a fresh piece of pastillage to the base for the snow
effect. We gently pushed the tree into the pastillage on the base and added extra royal icing to secure, along
with a few brush strokes on the tree branches. We were so amazed with how hard the pastillage set; we were
able to add the tree to the base and push down with a little force without any breakage!

A star with edible gold paint was added!

Finally, we formed, applied, and painted the star with edible gold paint, then added a few silver dragees on the tree for a further frosty appearance. Overall, we were very impressed with the Yeners Pastillage powder mix. It’s incredibly easy to use, dries super strong, and is perfect for creating modelled figurines, centrepieces, or any
other edible decoration that needs that extra bit of strength! Highly recommended!Shop Yeners Pastillage now!