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This article was taken from our October 2018 Issue Buy this issue now

October 2018 Product Review: Cakes, Ganache & Frosting from Sweet Success

This month, we had the chance to try cakes, frosting and ganache from Sweet Success!

Have little time or space to bake cakes at home? Let Sweet Success do the baking for you! With a wide range of high-quality flavours available, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Not only do they bake fantastic cakes, but they also have their own ready-to-use frostings and ganache!

The first thing we noticed when opening the cakes was the care and attention put into ensuring they arrived fresh and secure. The cakes were wrapped in a clear plastic and surrounded with a circle of cardboard whilst also being contained in an easy to open cardboard box. A full list of ingredients and nutritional information was included too.

The cakes unwrapped easily and hardly required any additional levelling. This was already proving to be a massive time saver! We were also very impressed by the quality and flavour of the cakes, they had a great consistent texture which would be suitable for both tiered and carved cakes.

We decided to use an 8” Genoese and a 8” Death by Chocolate cake to create a four layer chocolate drip cake. We began with cutting both cakes in half splitting into two layers each. Next, we took the Sweet Success Vanilla Frosting and began layering. The frosting was ready-to-use straight from the pot and was the perfect consistency for spreading between each layer!

We moved on to adding a crumb coat using the chocolate ganache. We warmed it in shorts burst in the microwave to soften slightly and then began adding to the sides of the cake. Once coated and chilled, we removed from the fridge and applied a thicker final layer. The ganache worked really well, the quality and flavour was fantastic! We really liked how it could be warmed, chilled and piped whilst still setting firm both at room temperature and in the fridge.

To finish the cake, we took a scoop of the white chocolate ganache and warmed in short bursts until it was the consistency of melted chocolate. After cooling, we poured the ganache into a piping bag and drizzled down the side of the chilled cake. This also worked really well and had a great result! We completed the cake with piped chocolate ganache topped with a chunk of white chocolate.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the products from Sweet Success! The quality, reliability and convenience is absolutely amazing! If you prefer to spend more time decorating instead of baking, either as a hobby or as a business, Sweet Success is exactly what you need! Highly recommended!

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