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This article was taken from our January 2023 Issue Buy this issue now

Product Review: Il Punto Italiana January 2023

Easy Deco Drip – Il Punto Italiana


This month, we had the chance to try Easy Deco Drip from Il Punto Italiana.We were sent colours Oro (gold), Blu (blue), Giallo (yellow), Rubino (ruby), Bronzo (bronze) and Rosso (red). To try out this product, we decided to make a single-tier birthday cake using Oro and Rubino. To begin, we covered our cake in white fondant and set aside. You can also use the Easy Deco Drip on buttercream- or ganache-covered cakes if preferred.

Next, we took the bottle of Rubino and heated in the microwave using the instructions on the back of the bottle. The packaging features screw nozzles, which are ideal for using directly from the bottles, but for our cake, we wanted a more dramatic drip effect, so we decided to pour the Easy Deco Drip directly on top of the cake, then gently pushed over the edge with a spoon.

Easy Deco Drip does set a little quicker than regular drip-style products, so you do need to work fast to ensure a good flowing effect.

We recommend always testing any drips on the side of a glass or mug before use on your cake to ensure the product is flowing as needed.

We really liked the elegant colour of this particular bottle. The ruby shade has a beautiful shimmery finish and really stood out against the white cake. It’s not very often you see metallic cake drips available, so this really stood out to us.

Next, we took Oro and heated as before in the microwave. Taking two different styles of teddy bear moulds, we poured in the Easy Deco Drip and placed in the fridge to set until firm. Once set, the shapes peeled from the moulds perfectly and were ready to be added to our finished cake.

Overall, we were very happy with the colours available in the Easy Deco Drip range by Il Punto Italiana. They help create some stunning results in no time at all!

Find out more over on the Il Punto Italiana website