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Product Review June 2022: Whitworths Royal Icing Sugar

This month, we had the chance to try Royal Icing Sugar by Whitworths.

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When mixed with water, Royal Icing Sugar is ideal for decorating and covering cakes, or decorating cookies or other piped decorations that need a hard-set finish. Without water, it creates the ultimate dusty snow effect on gingerbread houses!

To test it out, we decided to decorate some simple biscuits perfect as wedding favours or an addition to an afternoon tea.

To begin, we added royal icing sugar to three bowls. Adding water little by little, we mixed together to form a stiff peak consistency. Setting one bowl aside, we added green power colour to one bowl, and pink to the other, mixing to combine.

The colour blended into the royal icing quickly and easily to produce two lovely shades. Next, taking the white icing with a round tip, we piped a border around each biscuit, then set aside for a few minutes to crust over.

The icing piped incredibly smooth, without any sugar lumps. Taking the same bowl, we added more royal icing sugar, but added a little more water than before to form a run-out consistency. Using another piping bag, we flooded the outline and set aside to dry.

For roses, using a small French tip and the pink icing, we piped swirls onto baking paper. Taking the green icing and a small leaf tip, we carefully added leaves to each rose, setting everything aside overnight to dry.

The next day, we were really impressed with how well everything had set. The cookies had a lovely smooth appearance, and the roses were completely set with a hard finish. Adding a small dot of royal icing to the back of each rose, we applied to the centre of each biscuit, finishing with edible gold highlights.

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with Whitworths Royal Icing Sugar. It’s quick and easy to work with, extremely versatile, and creates fantastic results. Very highly recommend!

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