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This article was taken from our October 2019 Issue Buy this issue now

Product Review October 2019: Doric Cake Crafts Products

This month we had the chance to try three fantastic products from Doric Cake Crafts: Muffin Cases, Scrumptious Lustre Pumps and Scrumptious Sprinkle Duo’s.

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Fantastic products from Doric Crafts

To test all the products we decided to make a batch of 12 cupcakes using two different designs.

To begin we baked a batch of vanilla cupcakes using the Hot Pink Muffin Cases and Gold Foil Cases, we really liked how they’re supplied in resealable pots for clean and easy storage. After baking we were very impressed with how well the colour remained on the cases, the bold shade really stood out and added to the overall appearance of the cupcake. The Gold Foil cases were equally as impressive and had a lovely metallic finish.


Next, we took out the Scrumptious Lustre pumps to decide on which colours to work with. For the pink cupcake we decided to use the pink lustre pump and the gold lustre for the gold foil cupcake. The pumps were great to work with and can give more or less coverage depending on how hard you apply pressure to the pump itself. We decided to add a light dusting to the pink cupcake and a stronger dusting to the gold cupcake, both having shimmery and completely edible results!

We applied lustre to the cupcakes

After applying lustre to all cupcakes, we took out the Scrumptious Sprinkle Duo sachets and decided on using the Silver Stars & Jumbo Silver Stars for our gold cupcakes and the Glimmer Rainbow Confetti & Rainbow Pearls for our pink cupcakes. Each pack comes with 2 individual sachets of edible sprinkles which you can use either on their own or as a mixture. We love how these sprinkles have been paired, each one compliments the other perfectly, we especially love the vibrant colours of the Glimmer Rainbow Confetti & Rainbow Pearls!

Finished cakes!

With a swirl of buttercream on each cupcake, we took a small pinch of sprinkles from each side of the pack and lightly added to the cupcakes. It was so quick and easy to create a collection of cupcakes which would have been perfect for a party for all ages!

The sprinkles are versatile!

We love how versatile the sprinkles are, not only are they great for cupcakes, but they would also look amazing on cookies, cake pops, larger cakes, chocolate bark or even ice cream!

Overall we were very impressed with all three products this month, the muffin cases in both paper and foil baked beautifully, keeping the colours and shine in place even after baking, the lustre pumps were nice and easy to use and helped give our cupcakes a lovely edible shimmery finish, and the sprinkles were not only amazing to look at but also gave us some fantastic eye catching designs for our cupcakes! – Highly recommended!

Scrumptious Sprinkles!

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