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This article was taken from our September 2023 Issue Buy this issue now

Product Review – Sweet Success September 2023

vegan product range – Sweet success

This month, we had the chance to try a selection of vegan products from Sweet Success!

Take on more orders and let Sweet Success do the baking for you! With a wide range of readymade cakes, fillings, sugar paste and more available, you can spend more time decorating with no need to bake! 

We were sent a bundle of vegan-friendly products, including two 6” square cakes (one vanilla, one chocolate), 24 vegan vanilla cupcakes, filling creams (vanilla and chocolate), Sweet Silk sugar paste, and a dark chocolate modelling paste. To try out each product, we decided to make a birthday dessert plate featuring a layered cake and matching cupcakes. 

We began by preparing our flowers for the cupcakes using Sweet Silk and chocolate modelling paste. Using a rose mould, we shaped our flowers using a little cornflour to prevent sticking. The Sweet Silk had a soft but firm texture, with a lovely sweet flavour. The chocolate modelling paste, after a few seconds in the microwave, is easy to work with, great for shaping, and has a lovely dark chocolate flavour. We set these aside while we began work on the cake. 

The cakes were packed extremely well. Both cakes arrived fully wrapped, pre-cut into two layers, in thick cardboard boxes with full nutritional information on the front. 

After adding the vanilla and chocolate filling creams to piping bags, we placed our first layer, adding alternating dots of filling on the cake. The filling creams are super easy to pipe. They’re also soft and light in texture, but hold sponge layers really well. 

After adding all the layers, with a final border around the top, our main cake was ready to be served. 

The cupcakes were packed in two layers, all well protected and baked in silver cases. After adding a swirl of each flavour filling to alternating cupcakes, we added our flowers and sat them on the dessert plate. 

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the vegan-friendly products from Sweet Success. Each was easy to use, had good flavour, and made the decorating process quicker than ever! No baking required! Highly recommended! 

Product Review - Sweet Success

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