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Quilled Flower Tutorial

Taking its inspiration from paper craft, quilling is a technique that is seen more and more on cakes to brilliant effect. Strips of sugarpaste can be transformed into flowers, decorative borders and beautiful designs. Inside the August 2016 issue of Cake Masters Magazine is two beautiful cakes that feature exquisite quilled flowers and some techniques guides to show you how to recreate the look on your own cakes. Here is the Quilled Flower Tutorial from the lovely ruffles and woodgrain cake by Kristy Tuttle of Kosmic Custom Cakes.


Equipment Required:

  • Fondant
  • Mini rolling pin
  • Small scissors
  • #4 paintbrush
  • Water/edible glue
  • Quilting ruler
  • Flower petal cutters
  • X-acto knife

Step 1.
Mix purple fondant with white fondant until you achieve four graduating colours. Line up your colours to make sure they are sufficiently different in shades.

Step 2.
Use your rolling pin to roll your fondant as thin as possible.

Step 3.
Use the quilting ruler to cut thin strips out of the fondant.

Step 4.
Wrap your first fondant strip around a petal cutter.

Step 5.
Cut off the excess fondant with small scissors.

Step 6.
Remove the fondant quill from the petal cutter.

Step 7.
Repeat this process six times for each size of the petal cutter, in your preferred shade of purple fondant. Set them aside and allow them to dry for about an hour.

Step 8.
Use your paintbrush and slightly wet each side of the bottom of the petal with water or edible glue.

Step 9.
Add accenting colour strips of fondant to the outside of the dry quills. This will add depth to your final flower piece. Clip off the excess fondant just as we did before.

Step 10.
To make the flower centre, lay a fondant strip flat and start to slowly curl it up with your paintbrush. Continue this process until you have the centre quill the size you’d prefer.

Step 11.
Finally, you can start to assemble your petals! Slowly place your petals together and use small amounts of water/edible glue to the tip to secure them.

Step 15.

Finish your flower off with the perfect sized centre quill.

For more information about Kristy and her cakes, visit:

Photography: Sun Gold Photography

Get another quilling tutorial and lots of other floral inspired cake projects in our August issue!

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