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June 2018 Product Review: Rainbow Muffin Cases and Disposable Piping Bags from Doric Cake Crafts

This month we had the chance to try the Rainbow Muffin Cases and Disposable Piping Bags by Doric Cake Crafts. Both very reliable and great quality products!

The tube contains 144 muffin cases in 9 different colours giving you plenty of choicewhen selecting a colour to compliment your decorations. This time we decided to use all of the provided colours to make a rainbow themed collection to match our rainbow sprinkle mx.

We were really impressed with how distinct the colours remained even after baking! Some cases can be very pale resulting in the cake being seen through the paper, but the Rainbow Muffin Cases by Doric Cake Crafts certainly didn’t let us down.

All colours were bold and didn’t show any signs of misshaping.

After our cupcakes had cooled we began preparing the piping bag. We unrolled one of the Disposable Piping Bags, carefully tore it away from the next and inserted a large closed star tip, cutting a hole large enough for the icing tip to fit through. We scooped in our buttercream and began piping.

The piping bags have a good quality, non-slip, almost silicone-like feel to them, whilst still having the lightweight disposable feature. Each roll contains 20 piping bags which are each 41cm in length.

Overall, we were really impressed with both products we tried this month. The muffin cases are not only reliable for presentation, but the variety and number of colours available in one tube gives you plenty to work with. The piping bags had all the great qualities decorators need; strength, non-slip, easy storage, and reliability. Highly recommended.