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This article was taken from our May 2016 Issue

Free Red Triad Cake

Inspired by modern geometric trends found in fashion and home decor, Veronique de Groot from Very Unique Cakes by Veronique, created this cake. It has a composition of carefully organised triangles to create a smooth transition from white to red. To harmonise with the overall motif, the cake was topped with an ombre fan of equilateral triangles.

Check out the tutorial below to find out how to create this cake for yourself.

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Step 1

GEOMETRIC SURFACE DESIGN: Create a grid that is the same height and half the circumference of the bottom tier. Use this layout to duplicate the other half of the grid on the other side of the cake.

Step 2

Next, create a single triangle template that fits inside the individual sections of the grid. This template was used to cut the individual triangles out of fondant.

Step 3

Create a gradation palette with 9 steps of colour transitioning from white to red.

Step 4

Using the grid from Step 1 and the various shades of coloured triangles from Step 3, plan out the gradation for the bottom tier of the cake.

Step 5

Using the gradation palette from Step 3 as a guideline, create all of the various shades of fondant that are needed for the ombre. Add tylose powder to the fondant to stiffen it up so it holds a perfect triangle shape. *Repeat Steps 1-4 for the middle tier

Step 6

Cover the bottom tier in fondant, and then line up the printed grid, from Step 1, with the bottom and top perimeters of the cake. Then I pinned the grid in place. Next, I took a pin and poked a hole at each intersection. This served as a guideline to help me determine proper alignment when placing the triangle.

Step 7

Following the gradation layout from Step 4, cut triangles with your paper triangle template from the matching shades of fondant and glue them to the surface of the cake with sugar glue.

Step 8

FANNED TRIAD TOPPER: For the topper, create a template with 8 equilateral triangle. Add more tylose powder to the pre-coloured fondant to stiffen it up even more. Then, use the template to cut out each of the triangles from the 8 various shades of pre-coloured fondant. Allow the triangles to dry flat for a few days until completely firm.

Step 9

Once the triangles are dry, glue them together to create a fan of triangles. Start with the biggest red triangles and proceed to overlap and glue each of the following triangles on top of the next. Use pieces of folded paper towel to support the triangles that were lifted in the air.

Step 10

Allow the topper to dry overnight and then glue the fanned triad topper to the top tier with royal icing.