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September 2017 Product Review: Sprinkletti from Doric Cake Crafts

Doric Cake Crafts are proud to be the sole trade distributor for Sprinkletti and all the Scrumptious range. From Rainbow and Enchanted to Valentino and Spooky designs, they have a fantastic range which will make any cake, cupcake or cookie look too good to eat!

We had the chance to try out three of the most popular designs from the Sprinkletti Range, Enchanted, Rainbow and Unicorn, and all were really well put together! The colours are beautifully vibrant and the larger sprinkles are well defined with the perfect balance of shapes throughout each pack.

This time, we decided to try out the Rainbow Sprinkletti for a Unicorn Cake. We began covering a 6” double barrel cake in white sugarpaste and formed the eyes, applying to the cake with water. Leaving the cake to one side, we made the horn and ears from more white sugarpaste and set aside to dry. We then mixed up buttercream and applied to the cake to shape the mane.

Placing a tray under the cake to catch any falling sprinkles, we started gently applying the Rainbow Sprinkletti, taking small handfuls and pressing into the buttercream mane. 

Once the mane was covered, we gently brushed away any loose Sprinkletti from the cake board using a clean dry paintbrush. Next, we painted the horn, eyes and inside of the ears with gold lustre and applied to the top of the cake.

Although we used the Rainbow Sprinkletti this time, we’re certain any design from the Sprinkletti Range would look equally as impressive for a unicorn cake, or any other cake, cupcake or cookie design!

We really enjoyed working with Sprinkletti, they can bring life to almost any cake, cupcake or cookie in very little time! Be sure to visit the Doric Cake Crafts website to see the entire Sprinkletti and Scrumptious Range, there are so many lovely designs to inspire you!