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September 2019 Product Review: Spectrum Flow Wipeouts

This month, we had the chance to try the fantastic Wipeouts by Spectrum Flow!


There is nothing worse than making a mistake on one of your creations. Whether it be the wrong shade of edible paint, a change of mind from gold to silver or the dreaded spill from an airbrush cup, it can be extremely frustrating – but mistakes can be erased with Wipeouts!

To test the Wipeouts, we took out a few different edible mediums to use on a piece of white sugarpaste; both alcohol and water based airbrush paints, food pens, liquid paint (petal dust mixed with clear alcohol), metallic paints and concentrated gel colours.

To begin, we mimicked spilt airbrush paint by dropping a few different colours onto the white sugarpaste. From here, we soaked up the excess using a piece of kitchen paper and even tried to wipe it away to show just how damaging a single drop can be, particularly with darker colours such as black, red and brown.


Next, we took one of the Wipeouts and began gently wiping away the paint. Both the alcohol and water based paints wiped away brilliantly leaving the clean canvas we started with! We were also really impressed with the quality of the wipes in general. The specially designed interwoven material has been created to ensure there are no fibres left behind on your work. They’re also very strong and hold just the right amount of moisture.

We then moved to liquid paint which we made by combining petal dust with cake decorators’ alcohol. To really test the wipes, we used a very dark royal blue colour and although the colour was strong, the Wipeouts still managed to wipe away the paint leaving the clean white sugarpaste again.

Our experimenting continued to edible food pens, concentrated gel colour and metallic paints; the Wipeouts erased them all! Just imagine accidently spelling someone’s name wrong on a cake after using a dark metallic paint, potentially ruining the cake. With Wipeouts, you can simply wipe over, allow to dry (which is almost immediate) and correct the error without worrying about the sugarpaste becoming sticky.

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed by Wipeouts by Spectrum Flow. They’re incredibly easy to use, remove mistakes on sugarpaste, marzipan, chocolate, etc., don’t leave behind any fibres or create sticky marks, dry almost instantly and can even be used to clean your airbrushing equipment, surfaces and other tools! Highly recommended!