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This article was taken from our September 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

September 2022 Product Review: Il Punto Italiana Gel Colours

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This month, we had the chance to try a selection of gel colours from Il Punto Italiana.

To test out the gels, we decided to make a dozen kawaii doughnut cookies.

To begin, we took a small amount of Marrone (Brown) and Giallo Uovo (Egg Yellow) on a cocktail stick and added to our sugarpaste, kneading together to form a light brown colour
for the base of our doughnuts. The colours blended together really well, resulting in a great shade – without changing the consistency of the paste!

Next, we took Rosa Antico (Antique Pink), Verde Muschio (Moss Green), Verde Inglese (English Green), Turchese (Turquoise), Fucsia (Fuchsia), Viola (Violet), Rosa (Pink), Giallo (Yellow), Verde Mela (Green Apple), Arancio (Orange), Prugna (Plum) and Giallo Uovo (Egg Yellow).

We added to 12 individual cherry tomato-sized portions of white sugarpaste for the ‘glaze’ of each different doughnut. We really liked how bold the colours appeared, and how easy they were to use!

To assemble our cookies, we rolled out the light brown paste and cut out 12 circles, applying one to each cookie using piping gel.

Next, taking one of the glaze portions of paste, we free-formed a rounded flower shape, then cut a hole from the centre using a piping tip. After adding these to the base with edible glue, we pressed in two black sugar pearls for eyes, then added a smile using a modelling tool.

To finish, we brushed each glazed area with edible glue, then sprinkled over some hundreds and thousands.

Overall, we were very happy with the gel colours from Il Punto Italiana. They have a wide range
available, giving you ease of choice when selecting colours for your designs. They’re super simple to use, provided in mess-free screw cap mini tubs, and they help create fantastic results in fondant, buttercream, flower paste and more!

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