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Shoe Templates and Kits

The shoe tutorial in our March 2015 issue of Cake Masters magazines uses a shot kit and templates. We thought we would put together a blog post on where to get your heels kits from and templates.

Here are two of the best kits around available, the first is the Cake Structure Kit and the second is the Stiletto High Heel Shoe Kit by Lisa Mansour New York (you can save 10% on this kit with the code CM04)

There are other kits around, but these kits have good reviews for the heel mould especially. The following shoe is in our
March issue of the magazine, made by Tanya Halas from Cake Heart. Get your copy of March 2015 now.

Online Free Templates

If you have a shoe kit that you swear by, please comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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