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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe respond to Tom Brady

“Interesting because I thought Tom Brady was mostly of the athletes who were on President Trump’s nominee Trump at the time bandwagon early on. He had a hat set nice and neat in his locker, The nation Great Again.Or “And whenever he was asked? ‘Oh jeez it’s only a hat. Means zilch, “Now he does correlate that predates President Trump running for public office. I’ve got no downside to that. I don’t judge Tom Brady by his politics or his religion or regardless of what. I look at Tom Brady the qb, Criticize his play, Offer explorations on that. Who he holds up? I don’t have trouble with that,

“But continuing to move forward, Let’s be genuine. Entirely. If Tom Brady might have shown up, Mister. Kraft, Coach Belichick all also have been supporters of President Trump. “If seeing up, Do most people think President Trump cares who else shows up? Because when you think of the Patriots, It’s those three people that you feel about. ” It’s going to be quite interesting moving forward[To tell] How a great number of teams.

“Because let’s just say in the interests of argument, All of us the Cavaliers, The enthusiast or the Spurs. We know how coach Popovich feels relating to this man. We know how Steve Kerr feels using this man. Lebron campaigned for Secretary Clinton, So we know how he feels about this example. What’s the odds of one of those teams winning the championship and showing up,

Stamp J. Rebilas brand J. Rebilas USA TODAY baseball “Now the University of sc women, They won the NCAA contest. Pregnant young chicks. Dark-gray. They participating, Lose?

“So advancing, How the majority of teams that win championships because that’s a goal. You win a tournament, You go meet the ceo. “I don’t have trouble with who goes and doesn’t go. I was very fortuitous. Grinded 14 years in the NFL, Won three fabulous Bowls, Not only one time did I go. Twice it had a democrat in office, Lead designer Clinton. Last days I won, Leader Bush was in office. I did not go. Now I didn’t go the idea was a political stance, I didn’t go because it was in the middle of a week and I wasn’t missing a work out,

Point J. Rebilas grade J. Rebilas USA TODAY competitive professional fitness. “And that means didn’t go, And yet I wonder how your teammates felt about going together as a united group to our nation’s capital to be honored by our state’s leader. What a pretty big deal, Whether or not you[Support the lead designer.] I’m sure there are plenty of players who have gone to the White House to be honored by a president whose politics they didn’t agree with. So it surprises me you will not just go with your teammates.

” Usually, It’s a billion to one shot that the big three of the dynastic gambling, Who just one a fifth serious Bowl, Had previous encounters with the president that many people have big problems with. And it’s entirely feasible that Tom Brady now has some new issues with with this president after he became president. I’m not sure that, But Brady was careful in his statement to say ‘in light of some recent developments,’ and we know his mother was always fighting a dreadful disease. He says he has to attend to information. So he’s making it pretty clear in the statement that it is not that he’s choosing not to go to the White House to be honored by this president.

“I think he’s saying ‘this is an individual reason,’ that he isn’t going, Kirby Lee Kirby Lee USA TODAY include “I’m going i must own up. I’m to be all the way, 1,000 pct honest. I would be really conflicted if I had an individual friend[That a majority of] Ascended to be the President of u. s and I get an opportunity to go and to meet him in his new home. That’s various dynamic. I can understand the career, Which is the juxtaposition that Tom Brady’s in.

“Mainly for the reason that he’s saying ‘I knew him before he was this. We had a romantic connection before he was this. We ingested, We wagered golf, We did things connected before he was this.– “Because of this now, Because of some of what have happened, Some of what he’s said, Some of problems that have come out whatever it may be, I’ve got to tread carefully with how I address mate. Because Tom Brady views him as someone. Actually, No matter what you consider of their relationship, No matter what you believe of President Trump, Tom Brady views him as partner. So I can really conflicted if I had a friend of 10, 15 years ascend to the office of the president and instantly I’ve got to be careful what I say about him. I’ve got to mindful if I’m seen with him. I’ve got to mindful with my views of him, “Maybe for the reason that of Tom’s mother, And we know how close he is along with family. Maybe this is correct. But in athletics, I’ve become very doubting. I’ve become very skeptical of what folks say.

“It’s similar to the Dustin Johnson situation. Yeah he fell down a flight of steps is this what really went wrong?

“Given this now, Is it an issue where maybe they’re saying, ‘Well, Mary, This won’t look right. You didn’t go for barak. Whereas, All of quick two years later, You finish and you go?’ Maybe it was an issue like that. In any case may be, I just think walking for this White House, It will likely be difficult. Considering that[Go on a] Kung fu team. What’s on a ice skating team, Drop? A variety of foreign born players. Dominicans, Hispanics, Latinos, Cuban born avid. What are they going related to that,