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Smallville To Retain Thursday Time Slot

Smallville To Retain Thursday Time Slot

With its solid following and viewership, Smallville will be hanging on to its Thursday time slot at 8 pm when it returns for its season seven.

Smallville has launched its first season in 2001 in the Tuesday 9/8 C slot with an average of 5.9 viewers. The following year, the show increased its audience by nearly half a million by sticking with its Tuesday niche. Season three and four have taken the Wednesday spot at 8/7 C, which earned an average of 4 million viewers. Smallville&25263; season five has landed the Thursday niche with 4.7 million viewers, while the most recent season six has earned about 4.1 million viewers.

Smallville, a series on CW, is about the adventures of the young Clark Kent as a teenager living in Smallville, Kansas, before he becomes Superman.

Producers of Smallville appear to be confident to return in its Thursday timeslot since season seven is quite special. The much-awaited season is especially thrilling not just because of the cliffhangers season 6 have left its fans, but because season seven is Michael Rosenbaum&25263; last year on Smallville.

News about Rosenbaum&25263; announced exit from the show has already sparked rumors on whether the series would also be share this site coming to its end soon. On the other hand, with Lex Luthor gone from the picture, numerous possibilities may surface, which might not be such a bad idea. Apart from possibly giving the show a new kind of adventure, succeeding seasons after season seven will most likely showcase various types of villainous characters. In addition, it will also be interesting to see Smallville after Chloe&25263; death.

And apart from waiting around for season seven, fans visit our website share our website will also have to be patient on the release of The Complete Sixth Season of Smallville from Warner Brothers Home Video, which will be available in the market in about four months time. Meanwhile, supporters of Smallville are faced with a string of mid-season repeats.