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This article was taken from our November 2019 Issue Buy this issue now

Snowdog Cake Tutorial – Renshaw Christmas Cake Competition Finalist

Sharon Perrins is a self-taught multi award-winning cake artist based in Telford, Shropshire, UK. She started cake decorating almost six years ago after making her daughter’s 25th birthday cake and was instantly hooked. Her real passion is making sculpted animals. Sharon enjoys entering competitions and loves how the competition scene has given her the opportunity to meet likeminded people, some who have become wonderful new friends.


Instagram @cakeladysharon66

Equipment required:

  • Renshaw Extra Ready to Roll Icing White
  • Rainbow Dust ProGels: Yellow and Chestnut
  • Edible Glue
  • Dresden Tool
  • Fabriliquid Spray
  • Renshaw Chocolate Ready to Roll Icing
  • Craft Knife
  • Ball Tool
  • Wafer Paper
  • New Toothbrush
  • Edible Pen
  • Renshaw Ready to Use Royal Icing
  • Straw
  • Stitching Tool
  • Rainbow Dust Milk Chocolate

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Fur - 1.

Take a golf ball sized piece of Renshaw Extra Ready to Roll Icing and dab with a tiny amount of Rainbow Dust Yellow and Chestnut ProGels. Knead together to the required colour.


Cut ready dried corn silk into 1” lengths.


Take a tiny piece of icing and roll between two fingers.


Start at the bottom of the dog’s face and use a brush to put edible glue where you want to start placing the hair. Pick up the thinly rolled icing using the thinner end of a dresden tool, push into place and repeat. Every so often, pick up a little corn silk with a piece of icing as shown and push into place. Repeat until the face is covered. TIP: Spray dried corn silk with Fabriliquid for a lovely smell and taste.

Nose - 5.

Roll a small ball of Renshaw Chocolate Ready to Roll Icing. Push down, slightly flatten then pinch in at the bottom. Using a small craft knife, remove excess to create a neat point at the bottom.


Using a small ball tool, push in each side at the top where the nostrils need to be. Run the ball tool down the centre of the nose to create a small dip running down. Cut around the side of each nostril and remove excess. Use a little edible glue to stick into place. TIP: Once in place, gently tap with a new toothbrush to give texture.

Arms - 7.

Take two sheets of wafer paper, stick together with Fabriliquid and leave to dry. Make a template for the arms with card. Place on the prepared wafer paper and draw around with an edible pen. To support the arms, use two straws and cut.


Place a straw on top of one cut out arm as shown, spray with Fabriliquid and stick another cut out arm directly on top.


Once dry, using Renshaw Ready to Use Royal Icing, dab the arms with a new toothbrush to create texture. Using a stitching tool, run around the edges to create a stitch effect and leave to dry.


Once dry, dust with Rainbow Dust Milk Chocolate until covered with the desired colour. Place the arms into position by pushing the straws into the cake and trim the length if needed.