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Subliminal Messages In Advertising

Subliminal Messages In Advertising

The venue was a small movie theatre in New Jersey. The orchestrator was James Vicary. The subjects were unknowing movie goers. The experiment was 0.03 second subliminal messages and the claims were outrageous!

James Vicary claimed that by flashing subliminal messages to the movie audience instructing them to purchase coca cola and popcorn that the sales of these products were significantly increased.

The Vicary study caused controversy from the outset. It caused concern in government this website which eventually bled to the mobile strike cheats tool general public. The panic created soon paved the way for a complete ban of subliminal messages from TV and radio in several countries!

Although the 1957 study was openly called a ‘gimmick’ by Vicary himself, in a 1962 interview with Advertising Age, the belief in the power of subliminal messages to affect our behaviour lingers. Why?

Well there is evidence to suggest that in 1957 some scientists working for an extremely powerful agency were using subliminal messages in their own experiments!

It is well known that share this site the CIA take great interest in mind altering research. It should not be a surprise then to find out that they conducted their own studies into
subliminal messages!

The CIA was most interested in whether subliminal messages could be used to influence targets to think and act in certain ways. In classified documents, that were released under The Freedom of Information Act, is evidence of how the CIA were involved heavily in the research of subliminal messages as a method of forced control.

The CIA report, “The Operational Potential of Subliminal Perception”, written in 1958 highlights some of their findings. In a 1980 article for High Times magazine Martin Lee states that a former CIA agent revealed that the agency committed themselves to discovering the effectiveness of subliminal messages in the manipulation of political outcomes!

In the declassified document, the CIA observed that it might be possible to include a subliminal message such as ‘Obey’!

Although we have no way of knowing whether the CIA ever stopped their investigations into subliminal messages we do know that it is prevalent in advertising. It is also used frequently in self improvement fields as a tool for self change. Subliminal messages are used in a variety of personal development products.