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Sugarcraft Character Modelling Tips from Renshaw Academy

Sugarcraft character modelling.. it’s easy, honest!

Well anything can be easy when you know how it’s done! The Renshaw Academy have been busy working with their team of tutors to bring you a varied selection of classes to help you along your sugarcrafting journey.

We all know that cute customised toppers can transform even the humblest of cakes into something super special.  A surprise birthday treat can be taken to another level with a little sugarcraft wizardry and a little aforethought.  Award winning Tutor, Jacqui Kelly has been working her magic with combinations of sugarpastes and marzipans to model some seriously cute characters for her Cheesy Peasy class which she’s holding at the stunning Liverpool Academy in November.

Marzipan block

Size does matter!  Especially when making a group of toppers it’s important to keep your characters in proportion so they don’t topple over or look out of place.  For Jacqui’s class, all the little characters are stacked together so achieving the right balance is really key.

For this improvers class, rather than simply teaching you how to model with just one type of paste, Jacqui will take you through using variety of products and will combine pastes to show you how versatile the Renshaw range can be.  Jacqui will also prove that Marzipan is not just for Christmas, it is in fact a most fantastic medium for modelling.

So what exactly is Marzipan?  .  Marzipan was one of the earliest sugarcrafting products that was used to create models and help preserve cakes; it’s origins date back to the 15th century.  Essentially, it’s a combination of ground almonds and sugars and it has become a really useful confectioners ingredient having a unique texture, not to mention a delicious light taste; combining this nutty mixture with other pastes can take your modelling to a different dimension.  Marzipan does generally get a lot of attention in December. You’ll find it on cakes, tucked inside chocolates, and moulded into festive shapes. Marzipan is even the name of a character in the Nutcracker ballet, but that’s another story!

Fancy a splash of colour?  For any crafty project, where would we be without it.?  The Academy team just loves using colour whenever they can.  They simply don’t do dull!

At the Cheesy Peasy class.  Jacqui will be using a variety of the Rainbow Dust powder colours, dusts and paints to give depth to the characters and help add a little cheeky glint into mischievous eyes !  At the Academy we’re so lucky to have Rainbow Dust on our team as they have an incredible range of products to suit all applications.  If you want to know more about them just visit

cheesy Peasy sept 2018

For those not yet in the know,  the Renshaw Academy is a state-of-the-art teaching facility located in the famous city of Liverpool, that has been open for little over two years.  The Academy goes from strength the strength and benefits from having close ties with the well-known and loved brands of both Renshaw and Rainbow Dust.  Jacqui’s Cheesy Peasy class is being held at the end of November and to find out more simply click on the link


Happy modelling!