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Sweet Summer Collaboration

Sunshine, the beach and ice cream – all the things you associate with summer are featured in this collaboration of sugar. With over 200 members, each individual cake artist has created their own idea of Sweet Summer in cake or sugar form. We spoke to the collaboration organiser, Isabel Tamargo, of Tartas Imposibles, to find out more.

Tell us about your collaboration

Sweet Summer is the first public and massive international collaboration about the summer. All members were free to make something that reminds them of this time of year. There were no restrictions, with every kind of sugarcraft work welcome in our collaboration.

Ana Laura Rodriguez – Cupcake Art

What inspired you to do this theme?

I was searching for a funny and inspiring theme suitable for everyone, and summer was a great choice for that. I knew we’d get a colourful and amusing collection of pieces.

Thais Aguilar Robles – La Thais Cakes

How did you decide on this group of people?

I had already worked as an admin with some cake friends in another private collaboration, but this was the first time I had hosted a collaboration alone. My very first thought was to make it something for everyone, including people who have asked me how they could join a collaboration in the past. I felt so bad that not everyone could get involved in others, so I decided to create a massive public collaboration to allow all the interested people to take the challenge and show to the world what they are capable of.

Tanya Halas – Cake Heart

Did anything go wrong?

Quite the opposite. I have participated in many collaborations and I’ve never seen anything like this before. We had a high participation in our private group, where all the members supported and encouraged each other. Everyone got involved, regardless of their languages. They were so united, motivated and happy about this project. They are the soul of this collaboration!

Ana Mourinho Remigio – CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

Maybe I would have done a lot of the work earlier; the image galleries, covers, video and so forth. Hosting a collaboration for more than 200 members is a lot of work! Fortunately, I’ve had huge support from my partner, Jorge.

Rosa Guerra – Tartas Oh by Rosa

If you were to do another collaboration, how should others get involved?

I am, in fact, holding another public collaboration project in December based on animal rights, in which anyone can participate. I couldn’t have asked for more than I received with Sweet Summer. It was perfect and I’m very proud of all the members. It has had huge success with a great media impact; we reached more than 5,000 likes in our first day after the reveal. I just hope we can maintain Sweet Summer spirit in this new journey.

Marielly Parra – Ponquecitos and Cakes

For more information and to see all of the cakes in the collaboration, visit:

Carla Puig – Sugar Atelier