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Toppers Collection
This month some wonderful cake artists give you…

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The Caketastics Collaboration

A group of heroic cake artists have come together to form The Caketastics to fight aliens attacking our planet. With monsters everywhere, this collaboration is a lot of fun. We spoke to organiser, Daniel Diéguez, aka Chococaketastic, about these sugar creations. Tell us about your collaboration A few years ago I decided to travel to […]

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RNLI Cake Collaboration

Dedicated to a great cause, this lifeboat themed collaboration includes some truly inspiring cakes. Sugar Shipmates are proud to be supporting The Lifeboat Fund’s 150th Anniversary Appeal, celebrating the start of this charity in 1866. The goal is a truly exceptional Shannon class, all-weather lifeboat, designed by the RNLI to have the speed and manoeuvrability […]

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