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The Caketastics Collaboration

A group of heroic cake artists have come together to form The Caketastics to fight aliens attacking our planet. With monsters everywhere, this collaboration is a lot of fun.

We spoke to organiser, Daniel Diéguez, aka Chococaketastic, about these sugar creations.

Tell us about your collaboration

A few years ago I decided to travel to Mexico to put into practice an ancient ritual that allowed me to contact the Mayan God of Chocolate, Ek Chuah. Delighted by my devotion to chocolate, he granted me part of his power with the commitment that I must use it against any worldwide threats. Thus, Chococaketastic was born.

Tartas Imposibles

With my power, I found Cakepictorial and Isomaltic, who had also been blessed. Together we began the Caketastics. We detected an alien spy who revealed information about his aim to attack Barcelona on September 26th 2015. We threw a sign of alert to receive help from powerful confectioners and to attack the aliens in BCN. It was a hard battle but also a great victory! We defeated the invaders and protected the land.

Flappergasted Cakes

In 2016, as revenge for their defeat in Barcelona, the surviving ringleaders of the alien army decided to orchestrate a simultaneous worldwide attack. But, as they do not have enough power, they are transforming all living beings into monsters to continue their path of worldwide domination and destruction.

I have once again activated the sign of the Caketastic maximum alert to call super powerful worldwide confectioners to help us conquer evil, and so the Caketastics collaboration was born. All over the world, monsters appear and the most powerful superconfectioners fight to defeat them. Enjoy watching this epic battle!

Lovin from the Oven

Tell us about a few of the pieces that have been made

Every piece is an alien monster with his own story attacking somewhere on earth.

Callicious Cakes

Did anything go wrong during the process?

It has been quite hard to defeat all those aliens!

Just Little Cakes

For more information and to see all of the cakes in the collaboration, visit:

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