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The Easter Coloring Book Cake Collaboration

We at Cake Masters LOVE collaborations, and boy have there been a lot of collaborative efforts recently. When Mayra Estrada from Cake Creations by ME got in touch to tell us about the unique collaboration, we were very disappointed that we missed the publishing cycles to get this in the printed magazine. Any hoo – the pieces are just too fabulous to ignore and we had to include in our collaborations blog. The Easter Colouring Book Cake Collaboration is a celebration of Easter and comes just in time for the long Easter break. This collaboration showcases the talent of 23 cake and sugar artists from around the globe, who have come together to create unique Easter coloring book themed cake and cookie creations. With both sacred and secular designs, our collection is a celebration of everything Easter. We see a major cake trend alert being highlighted here, with the use of black outlines to really accentuate cake designs. Reminding us of the winner of Threadcakes 2015, and the use of black to outline the winning cake design – we LOVE the use of black outlining in this collaboration to highlight the colouring book element and really love how each cake in the collaboration feels coloured in.

Some of the artists have put together tutorials on how to make certain decorations from their pieces. We particularly liked the rice paper easter bonnet!

Here is the tutorial:

More information on the pieces can be seen at and

Here are a few of our favourite cakes from the collaboration!

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