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This article was taken from our July 2023 Issue Buy this issue now

Tried and Tested – Poly-Dowels July 2023

structural cake supports – poly-dowels brand

This month, we had the chance to try Poly-Dowels structural cake supports! 

Poly-Dowels is the US manufacturer of the original internal structural cake supports with interior ridges, providing maximum support for the heaviest weight of multi-tiered cakes when doweled correctly. 

We were sent both The Original White Poly-Dowels (16” long – for stacking any amount of cake tiers) and the Teal Square Poly-Dowels (12” long – for stacking up to four cake tiers). To test the dowels, we decided to make a two-tier floral wedding cake. 

After covering our cakes, we took out a cake card the same size as our top tier and marked a guide on the top of the base tier. Next we inserted a bamboo skewer into the centre of the cake to measure the depth, marking with an edible pen. 

Using the marked skewer as a guide, we placed alongside both the white and teal dowels and cut to size. We really like how the teal dowels can be easily cut with a standard pair of scissors, but due to the thickness of the white dowels, any cutter with a ‘razor’ type blade is best for a good, clean cut. 

Pushing the dowels into the cake was quick and effortless. They didn’t crush the cake or cause any movement within the layers, which is a huge plus. We used four teal lengths in a diamond shape, and added a white dowel in the centre for extra central support (but an additional teal dowel would have also worked perfectly for a cake this size). 

After adding a thin layer of royal icing over the dowels, we placed our top tier and stepped back to see a perfectly level and secure cake. The tiers sat beautifully with no movement or sinking! 

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with Poly-Dowels. They’re super simple to use, re-usable when washed thoroughly, have internal ridges for extra support, and are incredibly strong. Highly recommended!

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