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This article was taken from our December 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

Tried & Tested: Frost Form December 2022

This month, we had the chance to try Frost Form – The Round Kit. We decided to use the 5” kit we were sent to make a winter-inspired gift cake. 

To begin, we took the Crumb Cutter and trimmed our cakes to size. We were really impressed with the quality; the cutter is made from strong food-grade stainless steel, and it cut through the cake quickly and easily. 

Next, we applied a small amount of frosting to the Liner Base and applied the Liner on top. Adding a little more frosting on top of the Liner, we added our cut cake layers, making sure to position directly in the centre. After placing the Former Base over a small cake dummy, we carefully added the filled cake on top and began wrapping the Clear Form around, securing with the clip. To complete the set-up, we lifted the Former Base up in line with the cake and removed from the dummy, setting aside on the counter. 

We were amazed at how quick and easy the Frost Form was to set up. In no time at all, our cake was ready to be frosted in a secure high-quality former. We also really liked how tall the former was; at 8” high, this is perfect for taller cakes! 

Buttercream is perfect to use with the Frost Form and can be easily piped into the former with a piping bag, or for an even quicker alternative, ganache also works brilliantly! Using the white chocolate butter ganache recipe from the Frost Form Instagram, we added a blue powder colour and combined. While the ganache was still in liquid form, we poured into the former directly over the cake, gently tapping on the counter to remove air bubbles – and that was it! After chilling in the fridge overnight, the cake was ready to decorate. 

Removing the cake from the former was effortless! It peeled away cleanly, and both the Liner and Liner Base were easily removed with a palette knife. The cake was beautifully coated, smooth and perfectly level! After adding a snowy effect chocolate drip (chocolate brushed over set chocolate drip), we added some winter sprinkles, a topper, fondant snowballs and edible glitter. 

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with Frost Form. This fantastic high-quality product saves a whole heap of time by cutting out the entire process of crumb coating and final coating your cakes with just a few simple, easy steps! Available in many different sizes, both round and square, and for even taller cakes, there are extra-tall round Liners available at 10” high. A truly fantastic product, very highly recommended!