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This article was taken from our March 2023 Issue Buy this issue now

Tried & Tested: Sweet Sticks March 2023

Edibleart decorative cake paint – sweet Sticks

This month, we had the chance to try Edibleart Decorative Cake Paint by Sweet Sticks. Made in Australia with a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients, these paints are perfect for decorating a range of surfaces. 

We were sent the ‘Pastel’ pack to experiment with. This contains eight individual 15ml bottles of paint in Black, Grey, Pastel Yellow, Baby Pink, White, Pastel Green, Peach and Pastel Blue. 

To test the paints, we decided to make some cartoon-style push-in cupcake toppers. 

To begin, we took some black sugarpaste and embossed using party-themed cutters. After adding these to cocktail sticks, we allowed to dry for a couple of days until firm. 

Once the toppers had dried, we took out the paints and began selecting colours for our designs. Starting with a few drops of Baby Pink in a paint palette, we painted the heart balloon and nose detail using a fine brush. As we were working on a darker surface, we did need a couple of coats of paint, but we were really impressed with the coverage and how vibrant the colour was against the black! 

Next, we took Peach, Pastel Blue and Pastel Yellow and painted more details. Using a fine brush like the Sweet Sticks 0/2 helped us paint smaller details for an overall cleaner finish. 

For the final toppers, we used some clean make-up sponges to gently press paint into the paste for a powdery/graffiti-style finish. We were really pleased with how these turned out! The colours were clearly defined and still appeared beautifully bold against the black sugarpaste. 

Overall, we were very happy to work with Edibleart Decorative Cake Paints by Sweet Sticks. They help create some amazing results and are incredibly versatile! Not only are they fantastic for painting fondant, but they also work great on ganache, macarons, sugar cookies and more! 

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