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This article was taken from our September 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

Tried & Tested: Sweet Success September 2022

This month, we had the chance to try a selection of products from Sweet Success!

We were sent two 6” round red velvet cakes, two 6” round toffee cakes, chocolate and vanilla filling creams, and dark and white chocolate ganaches to try out. Using these products, we decided to make two different party cakes.

We were really impressed with how carefully the cakes had been packed for delivery. Nothing had been damaged or squashed, and everything was ready to use directly from the box/tub quickly and easily.

To begin, we took out all four cakes and cut each (2.5” depth cake) into two layers, giving us a total of four layers for each cake. To fill the cakes, we used the chocolate filling cream for the red
velvet, and the vanilla filling cream for the toffee cake. Both filling creams have a lovely light texture, whilst still having a fantastic stable consistency with great flavour!

To coat the cakes, we used the dark chocolate ganache for the red velvet, and the white chocolate ganache for the toffee cake. We gradually warmed in the microwave until peanut butter consistently, then began adding to the cakes straight from the tub. This was super simple to use, and coated the cakes beautifully! Ganache is ideal for working in the warmer weather, and
having them both ready-made makes everything ten times quicker and easier!

After adding a chocolate drip effect, we piped a border around the top of each cake using the filling creams. Both have the ideal consistency and texture to hold their shape for the perfect finish!

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with all the products from Sweet Success. Having the option to purchase ready-make cakes, filling creams, ganaches and more cancels out the
baking process, giving you more time to focus on the decorating! Sweet Success provides a wide range of long shelf-life cake flavours in both round and square. Fillings, cupcakes, sugarpaste and much more are also available, all with great flavour and ease of use! Very highly recommend!