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Wafer Paper Rolled Rose Tutorial

Great for decorating all sorts of cakes, from single tiers to full sized wedding cakes, this wafer paper rolled rose is really on trend and provides a great alternative to sugar roses. Follow these simple steps to create these pretty flowers!

The tutorial is an extract from the Modern Decor Inspired Wedding Cake Tutorial by Violet Lin Tran, The Violet Cake Shop, from our August 2015 issue. In the project, Violet shows you how to create a four tier cake with wafer paper flowers and swirled column detailing.

Colour your wafer paper with the desired colour with either an edible printer, airbrush or by mixing petal dust with vegetable oil. Then cut out a 5.5”x5.5” square of the coloured wafer paper. Cut off the corners of the square to create a circle – you can just go by eye as the rose is meant to look organic so does not need to be perfect.

Cut your wafer paper circle into a spiral-like strip, moving concentrically in towards the middle as shown. Using the tip of a brush, roll up the strip starting on the outer edge. Continue rolling.

Every few inches, dab some water along the bottom edge of the strip to help hold the rolled shape you are forming.

Using a circle craft punch and the wafer paper cut offs, punch out circles to make your outer petals. Alternatively, you can use a circle cutter as a template and use a dull tool to trace inside so you have a guide where to cut using scissors. Take one circle, pinch in on one end and hold for a few seconds.

Cut a small slit opposite the pinched end (approximately ½”). Dab a small amount of water on one side of the slit. Fold one side of the slit over the other so the bottom of the petal has a concave or cupped shape.

You will need approximately eight petals and one rolled rose centre to create one Stylised Wafer Paper Rolled Rose.

Dab some water at the bottom of the petal along the cupped edge. Attach the petal to the rolled rose centre.

Attach your second petal, making sure to overlap half of the previous petal. Continue applying the rest of the petals, working clockwise until you have completed one full row. Use the rest to fill in where there may be gaps, using more or less petals as needed. To complete the Wafer Paper Rolled Rose, repeat with your remaining centres to create five more full stylised rolled roses.

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